Here is We is a project that observes public spaces and the role they can play in integration. In today's world we face many different levels of immigration from city to city, country to country, and even forced displacement. However cities hold a lot of potential for integration we share common spaces yet we face a paradox of being connected and disconnected with society. Here is We is searching for answers to become more connected.

 By following the 4 design objectives of :
How can we design for offering?
How can we design for sharing?
How can we design for action? 
How can we design for repetition?

We begin to understand different mechanisms which can lead to connections and begin to reach a level of localism within a space erasing the topic of your status of citizenship but a belonging to space.



Attend an upcoming Poster workshop. Share your thoughts on diversity through a creative outlet. No matter our occupation, residence permit, or education we all are together in public spaces, and together in the city of Zurich. So let's...discuss and create.

From an alleyway to a place of localism
— our vision